Plans, Resources and Usage

The inner workings of VORJ.

VORJ offers four types of monthly subscription plan, which is configurable at an organization level. Each plan will come with it's own cost and resource allocation. Resources are allocated and consumed at a project level. Each plan will auto renew every 30 days. The subscription renewal will reset the consumed resources for an organization to zero.

VORJ is currently a beta release, as such there is only a free plan on offer


Currently, as VORJ is in a mainnet beta release we only offer a free plan. See the image below for the resource limits associated with the free plan.

If you are looking for a larger plan size on the current VORJ mainnet beta release please contact us at

Paid for plans with different resource limits will be on offer as part of our alpha release.

Resource Definitions

Each plan will have a different cost and resource allocation. Please read the following definitions to ensure that you understand each of the resources:

  • API Calls: Each API call to or from the VechainThor blockchain.

  • API Calls / Min: The maximum amount of API calls per minute.

  • Smart Contract Deployments: A deployment of a smart contract to the blockchain.

  • NFT Max Supply: The max supply of any non-fungible token.

Usage Definitions

Each resource, with the exception of NFT Max Supply, is configurable at a project level. Meaning that the Owner or SuperUser of an organization can define how many API Calls, API Calls / Min or Smart Contract Deployments a project can consume.

  • Unallocated: The resources that are free to assign as they are resources that are not already allocated to a project and have not been consumed.

  • Allocated: Are resources that are assigned to a project and therefore cannot be consumed or allocated to any other project. The Owner or SuperUser can always adjust the allocated resources for a project. The amount of resources allocated can never be lower than the consumed amount of resources.

  • Consumed: These are resources that have been used by a project. They cannot be reallocated. Consumed resources are automatically renewed as part of the 30 day subscription.

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