Welcome to VORJ

vorj.app, for the builders, innovators and artists

What is VORJ?

VORJ is a no code Web3 as a service platform based on the VeChainThor blockchain. VORJ removes the technical barriers to creating digital property. VORJ simplifies the smart contract creation process through a beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly interface.

VORJ is not intended and has not been optimized for mobile device usage.

How to access VORJ?

Use the URL vorj.app to access the VORJ frontend and access the API at https://api.vorj.app/main/v2/docs. VORJ is built to be intuitive for the user, feel free to explore VORJ but if you want a user guide refer to this section of the documents.

VORJ origins?

The word VORJ is derived from the American phonetic spelling of forge; to make or shape an object by heating it in a fire and hammering it.

Support is available at support@vorj.app

Warning: VORJ is currently beta

  • This API is not meant for production use, currently beta.

  • You, the user, accept all responsibility for the use of the VORJ API.

  • Through the use of the API you are agreeing to the terms of service and privacy policy of VORJ.

  • The VeChain Foundation San Marino nor any other entity associated with VeChain nor VORJ accept any responsibility associated with the use of VORJ.

  • All smart contracts created and deployed through VORJ are done so through the VORJ deployment wallet and thus these smart contracts are owned and controlled by VORJ, unless they are transferred by the user to another wallet.

  • The digital assets, either fungible or non-fungible, that are created as part of the smart contracts are minted into your own self-custody wallet, through the provided API endpoints, and thus the digital assets are owned and controlled by the private key holder of that wallet.


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