API endpoints to give you all the information you need to get building.

The VORJ application programmable interface (API) offers various endpoints providing up to date and easily consumable VeChainThor information. View the available endpoints here.

Some contracts may not be decoded and hence not included. If you have a contract that has not been decoded contact us at

(More ABI's please ... nom, nom, nom)

If you don't see an endpoint that you would like or have come across an issue please contact us at

Blockchain API

Get the latest or historical block(s), transaction(s) or contract(s) information in an easy to consume response.

Want the parsed contents of the last 10 blocks, /main/v2/blockchain/blocks. Just the transactions in a given block, /main/v2/blockchain/blocks/{blockNumber}/transactions, or just the NFT transfers /main/v2/blockchain/blocks/{blockNumber}/nft/transfers.

There are plenty of API endpoints to provide you with the latest or historical blockchain information.


Get the latest, historical or aggregated data for a non-fungible token (NFT) collection or tokenId.

Get all of the NFT information for a given wallet /main/v2/blockchain/nft/{address}. Retrieve the latest or historical information for a given NFT contract /main/v2/marketplace/contracts/{contractAddress}/activity or /main/v2/marketplace/contract/{contractAddress}/{tokenID}/history.

Use our powerful aggregations to get NFT statistics for NFT sales /main/v2/marketplace/collectionActivity or see the top NFT buyers /main/v2/marketplace/buyerActivity.

Our aggregations are updated every hour:

  • collectionActivity on the hour every hour

  • buyerActivity on the half hour every hour

Carbon API

Sustainability is at our core. We have endpoints to keep you informed of your carbon footprint when using VORJ. You can easily see the footprint of your VORJ organization /main/v2/carbon/organization or a particular VORJ project /main/v2/carbon/project/{projectID}. We provide a nice graphical interface in the VORJ frontend to keep users informed of their carbon footprint.

We didn't stop at supporting just VORJ based contracts we also provide a set of carbon endpoints for wallet address /main/v2/carbon/address/{address} and contracts addresses /main/v2/carbon/contract/{contractAddress}. Use these endpoints to stay informed of your carbon footprint whether you are a collector, degen, developer or enthusiast.

Balance API

Check the VET and VTHO balance of a given wallet address /main/v2/vet/balance/{address}. Want to see the transfers for a given wallet address instead /main/v2/vet/transfers/{address}.

Contract Push Notifications

Get notifications, via webhooks, for events associated with a given contract address /main/v2/webhooks/subscribe.

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