Organization, Project & Contracts

A hierarchy to help organize your work.

Within VORJ we have the concept of an organization, project and contract. Combined these represent a hierarchy to help to organize you work.


An Owner of an organization cannot join another organization. So if you want to be part of multiple organizations you will need to use separate email accounts. Alternatively, an Owner can delete their account and transfer ownership to another member of the organization they are leaving.

An organization is where you can collaborate with team members on projects.


Each project is configured to be on either testnet or mainnet. The smart contracts within a project inherit the network from the project. Once set the network cannot be changed.

A project is where you and your team can create and group smart contracts into logical collections.


A smart contract inherits the network from the project that it exists within. Smart contract cannot be moved from project to project.

A contract refers to smart contract. Currently, from the frontend we offer, the capability to create ERC-20 or ERC-721 smart contracts.

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