How to list your NFT on WoV

List your NFT collection directly from VORJ on the WoV marketplace.

World of V (WoV) is one of the leading marketplaces on vechain. VORJ has partnered with WoV to enable VORJ users to list their NFTs on a marketplace through the press of a button.

This feature is currently in Beta please contact if you encounter any issues.


To follow this tutorial you must have completed the following:

If you don't already have a vechain compatible wallet create one using VeWorld or Sync2 which are browser compatible and have mobile support.

To continue this tutorial you need to have deployed a non-fungible token (ERC-721) on mainnet. If you followed the previous tutorials you likely deployed a fungible token on testnet. Repeat the tutorials creating a project and non-fungible token (NFT) on mainnet.

Objective of this tutorial

The objective of this tutorial is to provide a simple step-by-step guide on how a user can list their NFT on the WoV marketplace.

What is a NFT marketplace and how does it work?

A NFT marketplace is somewhere you can buy and sell NFTs.

1. Login, navigate to your project and fungible token contract

To start we need to login to VORJ. Once you have successfully logged in you can navigate to a mainnet project that you created earlier which contains a NFT which has been deployed to mainnet. If you do not have a mainnet project or have not created and deployed a NFT on mainnet follow the previous tutorials, Create an organization and project space and Create, deploy & mint a fungible token making sure to create your project using the mainnet network.

You should be see a screen similar to the one below. This particular fungible token contract has been deployed to mainnet and has a total supply of 5 tokens with zero tokens minted.

2. Mint tokens into your wallet

In order to list your NFT on the WoV marketplace the NFTs you first need to own and control the tokens. To do this we will need to mint some tokens into a wallet address that we own and control.

a. Get your wallet public address

I will be using the VeWorld desktop wallet for the rest of this tutorial. The Sync2 wallet has a similar interface and capability so if you are using that wallet you should be able to follow along.

b. Mint tokens into your wallet

Now with your wallet public address in your clipboard navigate back back to VORJ and your mainnet NFT actions page. What you see on screen should be similar to the image below.

As I intend to list all of the NFTs on WoV I am going to mint all of the NFTs, 5, into a wallet that I control. Paste the previously copied public address of your wallet into the address input field and type an amount into the amount field. Verify the information in the fields and when you are satisfied press the Mint button.

3. List and sell on the WoV Marketplace

The last action required to list your NFT collection on the WoV marketplace is to provide the same address that you minted your tokens into in the address box that is next to the List button. Once pressed you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below.

The address that you minted your NFTs into should be the same address as the listing address.

The purpose of providing an address before listing is to facilitate the user to change the collection information such as the description, icon and banner image.

In order to change the collection information the user must log into WoV with this wallet address and update their profile.

Press the here link which will open a new tab in your browser linking you to the WoV marketplace listing of your NFT which will be similar to the screen below.

Press the All filter to see the NFT collection. When you navigate to the page initially the default filter is On Sale.

4. List your NFTs for sale

In order to sell your NFTs on the WoV marketplace you need set a sale price. To do that you need to log into the WoV marketplace with the wallet that you minted the NFTs into and configure a price.

a. Access your WoV profile

Use the Connect button in the top right-hand corner to connect to the wallet holding your NFTs.

b. Update your profile

Once connected, select the icon in the top right-hand corner again and select the Edit Profile option. At a minimum you should provide a Display Name and Email Address in order to be able to edit your collection icon, banner and description. Press the update button and sign and send the transaction.

c. Set a price

Once logged in and on your profile page you should see a screen similar to the first image below. You should see all of the NFTs that you minted into your wallet via VORJ, which we did as part of step 2 of this tutorial. Press the List button at the bottom of the screen and select that NFTs that you want to sell followed by pressing the Confirm Sell button. You should now see something similar to the third screen which is an interface allowing you to set the price per NFT you have selected to sell.

Once you have set a price for your NFTs. You can press the Confirm button. You will now be prompted to login to your wallet and sign a transaction to List your NFTs. This will cost a small amount of VTHO. Once you confirm the transaction in your wallet and the transaction completes your collection should now be listed.

Done, Congratulations

You have successfully created a listing of your NFT collection on the VechainThor blockchain.

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